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Mark Phillips, the well-known Mathematics author and teacher, along with other fantastic Math authors, have published an amazing series of Advanced Programme Mathematics and Core Mathematics textbooks!

Mark Phillips has spent over thirty years teaching Mathematics in both state and private schools. Many past matriculants remember him as a television presenter for The Learning Channel, Matrics Uploaded and Geleza Nathi. He has been a successful author for the past twelve years. His textbooks were approved by the Department of Education and have been extremely popular in many of South Africa’s top state and private schools. Since the introduction of AP Maths in 2006, Mark has been running his own AP maths academy. This programme is presently run under the Mindbourne brand. His vision is to encourage educators and learners to embrace the new technological approaches to Education in the 21st century.

Advanced Programme Mathematics:

We have an exciting and well written series of AP Mathematics textbooks linked to our Online Video Portal. Titles include: Algebra & Calculus, Finance & Modelling, Statistics & Probability, Graph Theory & Matrices.

Core Mathematics:

These textbooks have the user-friendly authoring style that has become synonymous with all of Mark Phillips' previous publications, as well as the added advantage of a quality, relevant video portal. Textbooks in this range include Gr 11 & Gr 12 Core Maths textbooks and teacher guides. Other Grades will be released June 2021!!

✔ Lesson planner assists with daily lesson preparation within the prescribed time allocation for topics.
✔ Exercises contain differentiated questions (easy, average, difficult).
✔ Contains Dynamic Geometry (IEB trend).
✔ Alternative methods for teaching certain topics. For example, inequalities, trig equations and cubic equations.
✔ The teacher guide contains detailed year planners, solutions to exercises as well as exemplar online tasks for marks.

AP Maths Academy

ADVANCED PROGRAMME MATHEMATICS (AP Maths) is an enrichment course in Mathematics geared towards students who intend studying courses at university which require Mathematics. AP Maths has been approved as a legitimate qualification by SAQA (South African Qualifications Association). The top schools in South Africa are now teaching AP Maths to bridge the gap from school to university. Students register with the IEB (Independent Examinations Board). A certificate of qualification is issued at the end of matric to successful candidates. Universities such as WITS are now awarding points to learners who write the final exam in AP Maths. AP Maths is a three-year course (Grade 10, 11 and 12).

What are the advantages of studying AP Maths?
Students who study AP Maths are far more equipped to cope academically at university. They are exposed to advanced topics in Mathematics which prepares them for tertiary studies, particularly in the faculties of science and engineering. Many courses at university require Statistics, which is traditionally a stumbling-block for students. The Statistics module in AP Maths will help to prepare students for this challenging subject. Some of the topics studied in the normal school Maths syllabus are taken to a much higher level in AP Maths, thus enabling learners to perform extremely well in these topics.

What topics are covered in AP Maths?
Calculus, Algebra, Finance, Modelling, Statistics, and Graph Theory.

What study materials are required?
Textbooks and additional study notes. Learners will also have access to the video lessons on the Mindbourne website (mindbourne.com).

What about assessment?
Grade 10 and 11 learners write a test at the end of each term and a final exam at the end of the year. Grade 12 learners write a test at the end of the first and second term followed by a prelim exam in September. The final examination is external and is set and marked by the IEB.

Our Team:

Mark Phillips: (B.Sc, H Dip Ed, B Ed): Director / Teacher / Author

Leanne Troskie: Director / CEO

Vanessa Ehmke: Jnr Bookkeeper

Andy Ngobeni: Warehouse Supervisor

Thabo Khumalo: Warehouse Assistant / Driver

Kevin Phillips: Videographer / Author / Teacher

Llewelyn Lundall: Technical Support Consultant

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